hello and greetings,
BILDERFINDER is a small graphic-design an illustration studio in Frankfurt am Main/Germany. This website is the portfolio for applied works, projects, free graphics and new ideas. It is divided into several sections:

graphic design:

  • logos
  • corporate-identity and -design
  • drafts and production of printed media (letterheads, brochures, flyers, posters etc.)
  • drafts and production of websites


  • handdrawn or computergenerated images - mostly cartoonstyle - for advertising, editorial and fun
  • calligraphic and typographic design

macromedia flash-movies

  • animated chracters, advertising and games with macromedias vectorbased multimedia-tool


  • BILDERFINDER offers free download of professional BILDERFINDER cliparts, monthly updated


  • BILDERFINDER teaches AdobePhotoshop, AdobeIllustrator, MacromediaFlash and CorelDraw - for beginners and advanced, single place, groups and commercial houses

Questions and comments: samstag@ms-bilderfinder.de